*Celebration Academy is offering free Registration plus one week free tuition after enrollment!


2018-2019 Rates

Non-Refundable Deposit (per child): $200.00
($100 of this deposit will be applied towards your first week of tuition.)

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm

Field Trip / Summer Camp Fees

There is an annual Summer Camp fee collected in May for children attending our summer sessions. This fee is approximately $200.00 depending on scheduled activities.

During the school year the Field Trip fee is $15.00 per activity.

Tuition Rates

Full-Time: $310.00/week
2 Days: $171.00/week
3 Days: $249.00/week

Little Steps
Full-Time: $295/week
2 Days: $156/week
3 Days: $234/week

Full Time: $270/week
2 Days: $141/week
3 Days: $204/ week

Preschool / Pre-kindergarten
Full Time: $230 /week
2 Days: $121/ week
3 Days: $174/week