A high quality learning environment encourages cognitive, social and spiritual growth. Our committed teaching professionals provide individualized care and education plans. Learning goals are set for each child based on their assessments and developmental level. These goals are incorporated into the classroom lesson plans to prepare each child for academic success.

Pro-social behavior is taught to encourage strong relationships, develop strong character and encourage empathy for others. Daily interactions are used to teach self-regulation, positive conflict resolution and self advocacy.

Faith-based curriculum is used to teach children the basics of creation, positive values and Christian living. Bible stories are presented in a developmentally appropriate manner to encourage a child's faith and understanding.


Celebration Academy Daycare believes every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. Within a thoroughly Christian environment, we will work to fill their hearts with wonder and their minds with learning. From preschool to third grade, we use A Beka Book curriculum.


Play is important too! Games and playtimes are teaching opportunities. Children learn about getting along with other, develop coordination and motor skills, explore their world and gain social skills.


Parents play a key role at Celebration Academy Daycare. Our goal is to partner with parents to provide care consistent with your family’s values. We recognize the significance of ongoing parental involvement in a child’s learning.



Perhaps most important of all is our safe, caring atmosphere. Our teachers love kids. They help children learn the balance between freedom and discipline, energy and rest, learning and playing. They help children understand the love and care that comes from Christ.

Goals For Teaching Children The Bible:

1. To love God with all your heart
2. God had a special plan for my life
3. God loves me all the time
4. God forgives my sins
5. God talks to us through the Bible
6. God wants us to talk to Him
7. God wants us to obey Him

Celebration Academy Daycare, a private Christian school, is following the A Beka Book Bible Curriculum. This entails stories from the Old and New Testament, along with missionary and practical stories. We also have numerous verses from the Bible that the children memorize.


Safety & Security

It is our priority to make sure your children are safe and secure.

  • Staff follows a Risk Reduction Program including policies and procedures consistent with rules and guidelines of Minnesota Rule 3 requirements.

  • Staff training includes CPR, First Aid and AED certification; staff pass a comprehensive background study.

  • Closed circuit security cameras in classrooms.

  • On-call nurse with monthly room checks.