Nourishing bodies and minds

Student achievement starts with nutrition. Well-nourished students perform better in the classroom. That’s why Celebration Academy Daycare is so dedicated to providing healthy, nutritious offerings in our school’s cafeteria.

Student success depends upon so many conditions. When children are well fed, safe, and comfortable, they are more likely to succeed. When teachers, staff, and administrators know that their students have proper nutrition, clean facilities, and friendly support, they are free to focus on delivering the best education possible.

Program Goals

• To provide healthy meals daily to students, preparing them to learn and guiding them in the process to develop positive life-long eating habits.
• To meet USDA and State nutritional guidelines.
• Continue to expand program access to student meals.
• Provide monthly menus on website

Celebration Academy Daycare, including our kitchen, is a peanut free environment.