When we moved to Lakeville, MN 5 years ago, our most important priority was finding a caring and safe environment for our daughter, Elizabeth while we were at work. We visited several different places and felt the faith-based atmosphere at Celebration Academy was the best place for her and we could not be happier with our decision. Elizabeth has been attending Celebration for 5 years, beginning in the infant room and now enrolled in the Kindergarten program. We added to our family two years ago, and Xavier began at Celebration when he was twelve weeks old. He is now in the toddler room. We are currently expecting our third child, and feel at ease knowing many of the same infant teachers will eventually be caring for him/her.

The staff at Celebration are caring, patient, and kind. We receive daily updates on the kids' progress and what they are working on at the Academy. The staff  provide us with their personal phone numbers and e-mail and encourage us to contact them with any questions or concerns that we may have. Elizabeth often asks us if she can be dropped off at the Academy early so she can spend more time with her friends and teachers. To hear her say that makes us so happy to know that she enjoys her time at the Academy that much. She also is very excited each night to show us the work she completed that day. One of Xavier’s first words was the name of one of his teachers at Celebration and he loves saying the names of his classmates in the infant room. We cannot overstate what a blessing it is to know that our kids are well taken care of and enjoying their day at Celebration. Another great thing about Celebration Academy is the flexibility allowed with scheduling. We work different schedules each week and we have the flexibility to bring the kids on different days from week to week which has been very helpful for us.  Overall, we could not be happier with Celebration Academy and have recommended it to several of our friends who have been looking for a place to send their children. It is such a reassuring feeling to be able to drop the kids off in the morning at Celebration and know they will be cared for by such trustworthy and considerate staff.