Celebration Academy is not just the place we take our children for childcare, Celebration Academy is our extended family! We have been at Celebration for almost two years and feel like we have an extended family who would do just about anything for our family. We came from wonderful in-home childcare, which we loved, but knew it was time for Campbell to have more structure to her days, and to be around more kids her age. It was a tough transition for Campbell, and even tougher for mom. I can not say enough about the staff who helped both of us make the transition. I remember like it was yesterday: I would not have been able to leave my little girl and go to work if it was not for the wonderful staff! The teacher would take her sobbing from my leg and comfort her as I left. I knew she was in great hands and would be just fine! She was just fine and loves it to this day!  All of her teachers have been and are amazing!

Our son William spent his first 16 months in the infant room and the teachers were wonderful as well. I never knew how hard it would be to transition from the infant room teachers, but it was very difficult because they are so amazing. I still keep in touch, and stop by to say "hi" when I can. They are part of our family now, and will always be part of our son's childhood. They helped me go through so many stages with him, and even supported me through some tears.   He has now moved into the toddler room and loves every minute of it! I love getting updates from his teachers about the fun things he is doing and how he does - even though he is the youngest in in the room. I am excited for the months ahead with William and his new teachers!

I was recently in a car accident which has limited my ability to care for my family. Our Celebration family has been more supportive than any parent could ever dream - both a personally and professionally. These are the moments I know our my children are being cared for at the most amazing childcare center by the most amazing, precious people! My kids are not just kids at daycare to their teachers. The teachers truly care about and show love to my children and family.