We often think how fortunate we have been to have such a wonderful place for our daughter to spend time while we are at work. It was apparent the first day we toured Celebration Academy that the philosophy of care, passion for what small children need, combined with warmth was what we were looking for. Our Daughter has been attending Celebration Academy since she was one years old. She is now three and in preschool. The teachers have done a wonderful job teaching her shapes, colors, the alphabet, numbers, spelling and important social and behavior skills. We are sure that her attendance and the consequential interaction she is experiencing so young will help set her up emotionally for future attendance in Elementary School, and really, affect her entire adult life as well. This is invaluable because as parents of an only child it would be impossible for us to provide these things for her. We are amazed how quickly our daughter has come out of her shell. She actually looks forward to attending and being with her “friends.” Most importantly, we are very happy to know that each day we go to work our daughter goes to a place where she is loved and cared for. Keep up the great job and know that your Academy is a safe and exceptional place.