Hi! I'm the Elementary teacher at the Celebration Academy. I am married and have two wonderful children. My son, Caden, is eleven and my daughter, Samantha, is eight. My husband, Jamie, and I have been together for thirteen years now and our family enjoys movies, bike rides, and family barbecues! I am from Yuba City, California where I earned my AA degree in education. After earning my degree I moved to Monterey, California where I studied both English and History, as well as earning my BA in social science with an education base. I worked for the Monterey school district for seven years. I directed an after-school program for several years, and was a Kindergarten substitute for four years. Working for the school district allowed me the opportunity to gain teaching experience, which also opened my heart to teaching children, especially at the elementary level. Teaching is my passion!

The best part of teaching at Celebration is the excellent teacher-to-student ratio. This allows me to focus on the unique needs of each child and provide the best academic benefits! I love being able to provide each student with individual attention, which allows me to offer each piece of the curriculum in its entirety. The A Beka program offers high-quality, faith-based content to the students. In addition, we explore timeless Bible stories. As students hear the spiritual lessons, they gain an understanding of Jesus and the Bible. I want to supply every child with a solid foundation to know God. The A Beka curriculum builds on the foundation of knowledge and skills learned previously. One of my main goals for students is to educate them in a safe, positive, and supportive environment with a faith-based focus where children are allowed to be themselves. Welcome to Celebration Academy!